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EuroMeSCo policy briefs are opinion articles that seek to foster and enrich debate on current Euro-Mediterranean politics. They address topical issues on politics and security in both shores of the Mediterranean and are simultaneously published in the websites of EuroMeSCo and the Observatory of Euro-Mediterranean Policies of the IEMed.


Article Title Date Author
Brief 21 : Why Syria’s Crisis Is Political in Nature Nov.2011 Raja AbdulKarim
Brief 20 : The Coming of the “Arab Autumn”: Lessons Learned from Tunisia’s Democratic Transition Nov.2011 Daniel Novotný
Brief 19 : Tunisia: The Next Phase Nov.2011 Bruce Maddy-Weitzman
Brief 18 : Four Keys to Understand Tunisian Politics after the Elections Nov.2011 Nadia Marzouki
Brief 17 : The Arab Spring. Is Algeria the Exception? Oct.2011 Yahia H. Zoubir
Brief 16 : Palestine, the United Nations and the Role of External Actors: Where Does that Leave Europe? Sep.2011 Pol Morillas
Brief 15 : L’Algérie et le « Printemps Arabe » : un contexte singulier, à court terme, et des perspectives communes, à long terme Sep.2011 Nadji Safir
Brief 14 : EU Democracy Promotion in a Post-Arab Spring Agenda: Cautiously Does It... Sep.2011 Hélène Michou
Brief 13: September 2011 – Is It a Turning Point? Sep.2011 Shlomo Brom
Brief 12: Palestine at the UN: Outlook and Expected Implications Sep.2011 Meliha Benli Altunisik
Brief 11: L’Europe Communautaire à l’épreuve du « Printemps arabe ».Crise ou renouveau du multilatéralisme européen? Sep.2011 Abderrahim El Maslouhi
Brief 10: "Palestine at the UN: Moving Towards a Consistent European Stance" Sep.2011 Muriel Asseburg
Brief 9: Palestine at the UN: Outlook and Expected Implications Sep.2011 Mahdi Abdul Hadi
Brief 8: North Africa's Intifadas: Is Algeria Next? Sep.2011 John P. Entelis
Brief 7: The Review of the European Neighbourhood Policy: How to Make it Work for the Arab Mediterranean? Sep.2011 Rym Ayadi and Salim Gadi
Brief 6: The Migration Impact of North African Revolutions and What It Reveals about Europe Jul.2011 Ferruccio Pastore
Brief 5: L’immigration en Méditerranée après le Conseil européen des 23 et 24 juin 2011 Jul.2011 Mehdi Lahlou
Brief 4: Révolutions arabes et migrations, Schengen face aux accords bilatéraux de contrôle des frontières Jul.2011 Catherine Wihtol de Wenden
Brief 3: Vers un nouveau paradigme de la politique européenne dans le monde arabe ? Une politique européenne de voisinage réformée (PEV) et l´Union pour la Méditerranée (UPM) Jun.2011 Isabel Schäfer
Brief 2: The European Union and the Arab Spring: A (Missed?) Opportunity to Revamp the European Neighbourhood Policy Jun.2011 Nathalie Tocci
Brief 1: Reconfiguring Euro-Med Regional Cooperation May.2011 Timo Behr
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