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Director Manager and EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Carlos Carnero González

General Statement

The Foundation was established in 1997, in the context of growing globalization, as a channel for political, social, economic and cultural reflections in Spain and Europe. The main goal of the promoters of this project is the analysis and definition of new ideas, aiming to engage citizens and society as a whole. Analysing, discussing and taking into account and contrasting different points of view about these subjects and issues that most concern society forms part of the foundations’ objective that describes itself as a ‘meeting-place’. They also formulate proposals to the political parties and other economic and social actors for their possible incorporation into their decision-making processes.


Areas of work

The areas of work range from issues of socio-economic nature (such as the model of growth for the Spanish economy, systems of family support, or the challenges facing the welfare state) to those related to the quality of democracy and the security of the population (fight against crime, fight against terrorism, mafias, vandalism, etc.).
Other issues of interest that are taken into account: protecting the environment, culture, combating discrimination or foreign, security and defence policies.
These areas are developed in the following sections:
The purpose of The Alternatives Laboratory is to promote the formulation of rigorous proposals in response to issues that concern citizens.
The Observatory of Spanish Foreign Policy (OPEX) is dedicated to the analysis and formulation of proposals on Spanish foreign policy and its monitoring in the European and global context.
Estudios de progreso is a programme aimed at young researchers so that they can provide fresh ideas and alternatives to contemporary problems.
The Cultural and Communication Observatory debates and makes proposals under the concern of the current situation between culture and communications.

Objective of the Euromed / Middle East programme

Fundación Alternativas is an independent foundation devoted to all kind of issues: political, international, economic, social, and cultural. Therefore, the Foundation aims to provide its expertise in all those matters to the situation in the Mediterranean.

  • To promote the development of the Euro-Mediterranean relations, deepening and improving the Barcelona Process (through the Union for the Mediterranean), namely in the fields of fostering democracy, institutional building, citizens participation and economic and social development in order to reduce inequalities and poverty.
  • To contribute to the search of alternatives for the resolution of regional conflicts still alive in the region.


Practical information

Fundación Alternativas

Calle Zurbano, 29, 3º izquierda
28005 Madrid, Spain
Phone:  + 34 913199860

If you would like to contact the focal point of this institute, please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .