FMES - Institut méditerranéen de défense et de sécurité


General Manager: Alain de Lespinois

EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Stéphane Brault

General Statement
The Mediterranean Foundation for Strategic Studies (MFSS) is an association foreshadowing to a foundation which is specialized in political, economic and cultural issues' studies of the Mediterranean Sea, which focuses on multilateral dialogue between countries from the two shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The MFSS plans to improve and strengthen the dialogue and the mutual knowledge between Euromed Partnership's (EMP) countries.

The MFSS leads every year a formation of executives in public and private sectors, all concerned by the Mediterranean issues, called “Les Hautes Etudes Stratégiques de la Méditerranée”.
• It organizes specific formation concerning the littoral and maritime policies directed at civil servants and elective representatives from the Mediterranean seaside regions.
• An informal network of high-ranking experts is gathered in order to realize studies in reply to private and public calls for tender.
• It leads the Prospective Circle for the Mediterranean (PCM) which the goal is to gather experts form the North, the East and the South of the Mediterranean Sea to collect, to spread and to confront analysis on the issues and their predictable effects in the Mediterranean area.

Areas of work
Political, economic and social issues of the Mediterranean area.

Objectives of the Euromed/Middle East programme(s)
The MFSS' goals are:
• A geostrategic think tank specialized on the security and the safety;
• A knowledge-sharing centre on euromed issues, through the Prospective Circle for the Mediterranean (PCM), intended for gathering experts from the South, the North and the East of the Mediterranean Sea;
• An association which goal is to aware and inform citizens, elected representatives and political leaders on the Mediterranean cooperation stakes, through conferences and seminars that it organizes.


Membership to other networks
- Cultural Council of the Union for the Mediterranean
- Stratégie Développement Méditerranée - Strademed

Practical information
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